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What is a Custom Visual?

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Improve an already existing visual on power Bi to leverage the chart visually on the dashboard. Tailor this to your brand.


Develop a custom visual that is not available in the store to help your audience interpret and analyze your data.


Achieve beautiful and insightful mapping tools. Traffic, Points-of-Interest, heatmap, bubble map, you name it ... we develop it.

Power BI Custom Visual

Sport Gaming

From an analytical point of view, ZTC was looking for a visual to analyze different data from football players and create a heatmap chart to help their clients visualize and compare different players and their respective performance.

Nous development goes beyond expectations, and the final result is a realistic and detailed heatmap that provides deeper insights into the players performance.

Nous Licensed Visuals

Nous Suite

The high demand for our custom visuals made us develop our own suite of Custom Visuals.

The visuals are designed and oriented to help visually enhance your dashboards and leverage your audience's engagement.

Reach out to us to get a license (single or multi) and start revamping your BI solutions.

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