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Nous 5-steps

lean dashboard process

Dashboard - Concept
Client - Feedback

Define Need

Think impact: What are the clients problems and how do we offer a solution?

Structure Dataset

Think Architecture: What are the data sources to be used on the dashboard?

Conduct Analyses

Think Audience: Who are the end-users of this dashboard?

UX | UI Design

Think Behaviour & Experience: What is the best possible design layout for the users?

Develop Solution

Think Performance: How can we tell a story with the data by harnessing its design?

What You Get


Dashboards are branded according to each project and the respective guidelines. Every style and mood is picked to represent the right story for your audience.


Not all Data are Insights. It depends on the audience and the dashboard concept. Nous helps you to determine the core insights your business needs and pair them with the right visuals for the best interpretation and interaction.


Dashboards and reports can tell one hell of a story. The sequence of insights, vibrant colours, size of modules and interactive discovery are some of the methods we use.

Data Connectivity

Live Connection

With our in-house Power BI connectors you can integrate data from a range of sources and refresh data on your system in real-time.

Centralize Data

Power BI is a robust ETL solution for transforming and combining multiple data sources on a single platform. We gather all of your data and incorporate it into a one-of-a-kind, streamlined dashboard that works for your brand.

APIs Design

Get quick access to over 5,000 data sources to help you improve the content of your dashboards.

UX/UI Design

Beauty leads to Engagement

Unfortunately, some experts and developers disagree. Then again, that is why our clients hire us. Beauty and visual appeal are the way to go if you want attention and engagement.

Mobile is the Key

All of our dashboards are available in Mobile format, on demand. You can access them through the Power BI app or directly on the dashboard link with the mobile adapted version.

Simplicity is a Talent

Dashboard designs must be simple and straigtforward. When there is a mountain of data and multiple stakeholders involved, things can get complicated. We take an unbiased approach to data, so you know you are getting the true story.

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