A New Way Of Visualizing Your Data

Advanced Visuals & High-End Design

Complex visuals
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Nous Standards

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Excellent UX/UI Design
and development
We transform old-fashioned and cluttered dashboards into high-end, sleek UX/UI solutions in Power BI.
Taylor made Power BI
Custom Visuals
Standard visualisations in Power BI are limited in terms of customisation. Our solutions allow you to tailor your visualisations to your data and your audience.
Mobile  friendly
Our solutions are accessible and optimized for mobile devices as well as desktop viewing.
Data  Connectivity
Get instant access to 5,000+ data sources to enrich your dashboard content. Choose your data, and let us do the rest.

Power BI Services

Data Experts
Our team helps their customers by developing the right content to connect data sources with the best UX/UI practices and providing you with the best insights to develop the perfect Power BI solutions.
Custom Visuals
Our custom visuals for Power BI allow you to visually enhance your Power BI Dashboards. At Nous, we create highly customisable, tailor-made visualizations according to our clients needs.


We offer customization like nothing you have seen before. We do this by offering you the flexibility to choose every detail and aspect of your dashboards, to fit with your brand image. You have the freedom to decide exactly how you want your data to be presented with no compromise.

We’re taking dashboarding to the next level. Check out our visuals, developed and designed to adapt to any dashboard and enhance your design.

Client Testimonials

Joel Paglione

Project: Oak Bottle

Definitely try them out!

I would like to develop a BI tool that represents our product branding quality and design.

Nous team exceeded our expectations and managed to visualize our complex data in a beautiful dashboard.

Alex Stanton

Content Development Specialist
Project: Janssen

Patrick Laughlin

Project: US Rails